Win a mountain bike and 4 cash prizes for shopping at!

Want to participate? Registration - by clicking FOLLOW on the facebook page;


Want a 14x chance of winning? - WE READ ON.


1.) Every day from 07/03/2023 to 07/10/2023 inclusive, we will publish a list of 5 products on our Facebook account. Participants will need to go to, put the goods in the basket and write the total value of the shopping basket in the Facebook comments section. The TOP 3 most likely to write the correct amount will receive 2 points each, the rest, 1 point each. The value of the basket can only be written on the day of publication. Comments that will be written the following day will not be included and we will not give tickets for them.


2.) The more points you have, the more times your name will be written on the list of participants, so the chances of winning will be much higher.


At the end of the competition, a lottery will be drawn from all participants and 5 participants will be selected to win the prizes.


We value our followers very much, so everyone who already follows our account - you automatically participate in the contest with 1 ticket.


The competition will take place from 07/03/2023 to 07/10/2023

We offer wholesale auto parts prices for everyone! If you cant find the item on the website, write or call +37065322553

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