Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Daliubaze Brand Guidelines information page. You can familiarize yourself with our trademarked material and its use on this website. Daliubaze trademarks include the word Daliubaze, the Daliubaze logo and any word, slogan, logo or other mark that indicates the source or origin of any of our products and services. To use the Daliubaze Marks and Materials, you must: a) obtain written permission from Daliubaze and b) comply with these guidelines. We take the protection of intellectual property seriously. Please use the Daliubaze Marks accurately and in a non-misleading manner. If you have a separate agreement with Daliubaze governing the use of the Daliubaze Marks, please follow that agreement. Please notify us in advance by email before using any Daliubaze Marks. by mail [] and add a layout of the intended use. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Daliubaze Marks, wish to obtain permission to use the Daliubaze Marks, or wish to use the Daliubaze Marks in ways other than those discussed in these guidelines, please contact us by email. by mail We reserve the right to withhold, modify or revoke these permissions at any time in our sole discretion. By using the Daliubaze Brands, you agree to the terms below: The ownership rights of "Daliubaze" marks belong to the company UAB GYVENIMO JŪRA. You may not register or claim rights to Daliubaze trademarks, including a trademark, company name, trade name or domain name that is identical or similar to a Daliubaze trademark. You may not use the "Daliubaze" marks in a way that could harm UAB GYVENIMO JŪRA. This includes any manner in which the Daliubaze Marks may be discredited, defaced or damaged. Depending on how you use the Daliubaze Marks, we may apply fees. Any value received by you using Daliubaze marks belongs to UAB GYVENIMO JŪRA. You may not modify the Daliubaze characters in any way, including their elements and proportions. You may not give the impression that you are part of Daliubaze or that your service was created, endorsed or supported by Daliubaze. You may not use other trademarks (including your own) or any visual elements in conjunction with the Daliubaze Marks. Always display your names and trademarks more prominently than Daliubaze's. Always include the following trademark notice in all material: "Daliubaze" name and logo are trademarks of UAB GYVENIMO JŪRA. All rights reserved.

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